The H Boutique inside The Inn at the 5th  closed in 2014, to combine with Harry Ritchie’s Jewelry at the Valley River Center location.  Using the H fixtures and finishes upgraded the look and layout of the existing space.  The refit was fairly straight forward with the exception of the “Ribbon Case”.  This case was suspended at eye-level between columns and had attached to a glass wall, making it appear to float.  The condition was not available at the VRC location, so Hopper Design was asked to rethink the fixture for the new layout.  This is what we came up with.



Getting The Cobwebs Out

I know, I know, it’s been all cobwebs and crickets at the “What’s happening” blog.   In fact a lot has happened.   Social media and Design blog notwithstanding, 2015 was an exceptional year.  Indications are for more of the same for this year.

The big news   

  • The blog will be rolled into a website.*  When I started blogging in 2010, the goal was to have a presence on the web and share some projects.  I’ve always considered a website as the final stage in the process, with the blog becoming a supplemental part.  In 2015 I made the commitment to get it done.  It has come together nicely and should be on-line by early spring.

Keeping current               

  • In an effort to continuously improve, I started learning new rendering skills on-line with CG-World training.   The course is called 5SRW.  It is an excellent 5 step system for rendering scenes with V-ray rendering engine.  Even though it is based in photographic theory, I have found it useful for all kinds of digital rendering using 3d content.   Find it at


* Early spring sounded doable (to publish the Hopper D + I site).  To be honest, I thought if I wrote it down, that would provide the nudge needed.  Instead I got atypically busy this winter.  My new proclamation is that it will happen in my lifetime- much safer.

Here’s a screen grab of the portfolio page.  Each featured image rectangle is/ will be clickable to show more content.

hopper D+I portfolio_page

The landing page

hopper D+I landing_page


My previous post was about using the drone (not a toy) to create aerial perspectives.  I did that several times in 2015.  The first project was along the Willamette River in Portland Oregon.  Here’s my first image using the drone for work and the accompanying rendering.

A link to an article about the project and Essex Construction:




Escaping odile

What began as a family vacation in the sun, ended with narrowly missing  the most powerful hurricane to ever strike Cabo San Lucus.   Just 6 hours before hurricane Odile made land, between squalls, we caught the last plane to leave before the airport was closed for good.   It remains closed.  Tourists have been evacuated by military transport.

The extent of the damage is now becoming clear as more images and reports are making it out.  We were impressed with the new terminal (2012) and took several pictures of the upper concessions level, designed by Sanzpont [Arquitectura].  Who knows what shape it is in today.  The only images I was able to find are of the lower levels.

New terminal exterior

airport new terminal pano

Interior storm damage

Cabo airport terminal damage


Upper level concessions (drawings from

VIP Lounge del cabo airport


Del cabo airport concessions

Embracing The Change

When The Oregon Department of Energy (ODOE), was looking for a new home, they wanted the interior to convey a commitment to cleaner, more efficient energy.  The theme “embracing the change” refers to embracing current green technology and the dedication to its’ future development.  The design brief included directional signage, and educational as well as promotional material and the reorganization of the interior space.   In design speak:  we needed to consider wayfinding, branding and space planning.  The focus areas were the lobby entrance, proceeding into reception and waiting, and the connection / transition from public to (private) office work space.

The best aspect of the space was the wall of windows to the outside, not just as an architectural feature, but to reinforce the connection to nature and commitment to healthier energy for the planet.  The natural daylight could be used to advantage.  By proposing a soft transparency using planting the connection to the outside courtyard is simultaneously screened for the staff and shared with the public.  Sharing that connection with the public becomes a key element.   Interior finishes are bright clean colors adjacent to natural wood and basalt rock and tile.  An existing central column was selected to show the movement away from fossil fuels to cleaner forms.  There is space for an interactive wall located next to the reception desk.  More subtle details include suspended dragon flies, and recessed logo typography in the wood at the reception area.

Although ODOE did not end up with this particular tenant space, the ideas were well received.  The sketches developed from brainstorming ideas with Galen Ohmart and Dana Matheny of Solarc, all diagrammatic at this stage, do show promise.  Should they consider a different space, we will be ready to deliver.

ODOE diagram


Tallmadge Doyle Public Art

This September Lane Transit District is scheduled to begin The West Eugene EmX extension.  A portion of the budget will be spent on art.  Tallmadge Doyle was one of the artists invited to present to LTD.  Hopper Design + Illustration created images showing the proposed art in context, and a production file for the laser-cut mock-up.  Her proposal for decorative laser-cut metal art to infill railings between stanchions and adorn bicycle racks was accepted by LTD and awarded two stops, and an additional 36 feet of security fencing which was not part of the original scope.